What filetypes can I introduce into a SuiteBox meeting?

SuiteBox is primarily used for sharing and signing .pdf documents. You can also introduce jpg and png image files, but these cannot currently be signed. If your document is not in .pdf format, it can more than likely be converted to a pdf file easily through your computer before you load it into the library.

To convert files to pdf format from MS Office or OpenOffice, simply select the File “save as” option and choose pdf. Your original document will be preserved and a new separate .pdf version will be created, which you can then upload into your meeting using the ‘Add file’ button. Alternatively if you have PDF Creator installed, you can select 'Print' and print to PDF Creator.

To convert a document to pdf with an apple computer check your available options in the print menu window. There is a button to the bottom left side of the window that says “PDF”.

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