What can I do to improve my WIFI connectivity?

Distance from your WIFI router will have the greatest impact. Certain materials also block WIFI signals, such as concrete. We suggest conducting your meeting with a four or five bar connection to ensure video and audio quality. A poor quality WIFI connection, or one under very heavy use can be detrimental to the quality of any video calling service, including SuiteBox. This may lead to unclear audio and video, desynchronization events or even disconnections from the meeting.

If you or your participant experience a desync within a meeting, both users should refresh the web browser to resynchronize. If a high quality connection is unavailable, or your WIFI network seems to be encountering problems, you may want to set up a 3G or 4G hotspot on your phone.

To enable a wireless mobile hotspot, go into your smartphones settings and look for the words 'hotspot' or 'tethering', and turn it on, noting the name and password of the network it creates. Use this information to then connect using your device. Please refer to your manufacturer's documentation for more specific information relating to your model.

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