My participant and I can see each other, but they can't hear me. I'm on a Windows system.

Please check that your microphone is plugged into the correct audio slot on your computer. If it is, it's possible Windows has set a different device as your default microphone. Please take the following steps to set your microphone as your default device.

  • Look at the bottom right of your Windows desktop. You will see a speaker icon.
  • Right click the speaker and select 'Recording devices'.
  • Make a noise into your microphone and see if any volume levels change on the devices seen.

From this point you will either see levels move on one of your devices, or you will not. If you do see levels move, right click the device that is responding to your voice and select 'Set Default Device'.

If you do not, please right click somewhere within the device window and ensure 'Show Disabled Devices' is ticked. You may wish to enable any disabled devices within this window to determine if they are your preferred microphone. If you do find your microphone, and it is picking up your audio, right click it and select 'Set Default Device'.

Once your device has been set, please refresh your SuiteBox meeting from within your browser.

If you still haven't found your microphone in your devices, and you have ensured it is plugged into the correct slot, it is possible you are experiencing a hardware failure. Please use a different microphone for your meeting.

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