Does SuiteBox work in a Citrix environment?

SuiteBox has requirements that can be met in a Citrix environment, but it will probably require your IT department to make some minor changes. Currently we recommend the IT staff of the Citrix environment provide Chrome browser or install the OpenTok IE11 plugin for their users.

They will also need to open TCP port 443 to non-web traffic; and whitelist '' and '’ on their firewall. You can then check to see if you can have a meeting by using the OpenTok Connectivity Doctor at

The first section of the Pre-call test checks for Hardware (Audio/Video) and Software (Browser compatibility). The second section tests for connectivity - whether or not you are blocked by internal firewalls. Four green ticks means you are all good and have no firewall blockers. The third section checks for your expected call quality. Ideally, you want to see Video and Audio quality as Excellent. If any of the sections indicate you are not set up correctly, get in touch with us at and we will be happy to help.




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