What does Control mean in a SuiteBox meeting?

In a SuiteBox meeting, one user will always be in Control.  The person in control of the meeting will be the Host of the meeting. If the host is not present, any participant can 'Take Control' of the meeting room. The Host is able to upload or delete .pdf documents and images, scroll through and sign documents, and screen share. The user without control will receive the shared documents, see the document scroll, and see signatures being placed, and observe the screen being shared.

The host of the meeting is able to determine who currently has Control by clicking the 'Give Control/Take Control' button. This ensures both users see the exact same thing, at the same time, like you would expect in a face-to-face meeting.

Please note that when the Host 'gives control' to the participant; they will be able to upload PDF documents, sign a document and also screenshare.

A participant will not be able to delete documents from the meeting room for security reasons.


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