How do I sign a document in SuiteBox?

With SuiteBox VideoSign Proof of Signature;  you can choose to Draw your signature, type your name or initials or even upload a signature from your desktop .

If you're on a desktop computer or laptop, you can either use your mouse to draw (sign) on the signature panel or use a scanned signature from your desktop.

If you're on a device with a touch screen, such as an Android tablet, a Surface or even an android smartphone simply touch the 'Add Signature' button and draw it in the panel that appears.

Only the user with control can sign and scroll through the document, so to allow your participant to make their signature, you will have to pass control to them. Once they have control, you can then click 'Add Signature' to bring up their signature panel for them to sign, or they can click it themselves.

Signing Your Document

The business process for signing a document using SuiteBox VideoSign Proof of Signature is an easy and simple process with industry level security and non-repudiation.  





The core workflow is as follows:

  1. Select your document for signing -  Select the document you wish to sign from the "To Sign" folder. Note that you need to have control first.


    2. Select your method for signing (Draw, Type  or Upload) 



3. Position your signature, name and date on the document. Tick the T&C's and then "Add Signature"




4. Add any additional information (Passport or proof of address) – an optional feature by clicking on "Add File" icon




5. Click ‘Complete’ to save your signed document

6. The host then clicks ‘Finalise’ to generate the VideoSIGN digital certificate. Metadata and additional artefacts are appended to signed PDF as part of the digital signing process.

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